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August 2022 to November 2022

Working on Loyal T Enterprises Project
The Merry Meerkats Run Video and 2D Card Matching Game

January 2022 to July 2022

Working on Spud Attack game trailer with Down Time Productions

January 2021 to December  2021

Nothing to report

September 2020 to December 2020

Nothing to  report

August 2020

Information Coming Soon.. 



July 2020

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2020 (July 10th-12th) was cancelled due to the Corona Virus/Covid-19.

June 2020


LionWolf now has a shop on the site where you can purchase T-shirts and other items. Check it out and show support.


Due to the corona virus, Lion Wolf will not be attending the Tampa Bay Comic Con 2020.  

May 2020

Nothing to report

April 2020

Nothing to report


March 2020

Nothing to report


February 2020

Nothing to  report


January 2020


LionWolf team members Robert and Aru were invited to speak at a technology event @ North Greenwood Recreation Center in Clearwater (01/28/2020). The audience were youths between the ages of 13-17. Robert and Aru said it was a great event and the youths were very excited. The youths had many questions about the game industry and how to get started. Aru and Robert showed the youths game play footage from Bionic Bug Attack and Henry the Hummingbird. The youths had a sneak peak of the Spud Attack Teaser Trailer.


Working on updates for Bionic Bug Attack and Henry the Hummingbird.  Also, working on our 3rd game "Spud Attack".

August  2019


Lion Wolf will be at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2019 on Saturday, August 3rd, Room #20.  We will be talking about "Good Mobile Game Experience".  

Come out to support Tampa Bay's Local indie game studio.

October  2018


(In the Rock's voice)
"Finally!!!, Bionic Bug Attack has come to Apple I tunes. Can you smell what LionWolf is cooking"!!!

We know it's been a long time coming. So, check our game out on Apple.…/…/bionic-bug-attack/id1437473632…

Also, check out Henry the Hummingbird on I tunes as well.…/henry-the-hummingbi…/id1296696502

August  2018


Lion Wolf will be at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2018 on Saturday, August 4th., Room #13. We will be talking about our ups and downs in the game industry. Also, the transition from 2D games to 3D games. Come out to support Tampa Bay Local indie game studio.

November 2017


Our second game: "Henry the Hummingbird", is now available on the Apple Store/I tunes.

Check  it out and tell your friends.



Our second game: "Henry the Hummingbird", is now available on the Google Play Store. Check  it out and tell your friends.




Lion Wolf Games team members  gave a great presentation at the Clearwater/St. Petersburg Unity User Group tonight at the Agile Thought Offices in Tampa. Our members talked to the group about what has been going on with our studio, our games and talked about the indie game industry in Tampa, FL. It was a great turn out and good networking experience. Also, it was a great opportunity to meet some amazing people.




Hey Everyone.. LionWolf, LLC will be speaking at the TampaBay Comic Con on August 6. Come check us out and show your support..

4:00pm - 5:00pm | Rm. 20
Video game development is the process of creating a video game. Indie games can take less time and can be produced cheaply by individuals and small developers.

MAY 2016



Our first game, "Bionic Bug Attack" is available for mobile download on the google play store. 

Bionic Bug Attack will be release on the Apple Store soon...




LionWolf, LLC participated at the MLK Technology and Video Game Summit on January 18th. Matty Rich, the creative director of UbiSoft was hosting the conference. Ali Kojori (Veteran game producer & lead producer of idreamsky), Aru Richardson (our very own lead level designer and a few team members), Aaron Lemay (creative director of the hit video-game franchise "Halo" and "Saints Row", Lorne Lanning (creator of the hit-game franchise "Odd World Inhabitants) and Wayne Ore (Coding). It was great honor to being in the same room with these guys. Also, our team was able to meet the Mayor of St. Petersburg at the conference.




LionWolf, LLC has participated in the Tampa Bay Comic Con festivities in 2015 and was selected to feature their new game at a discussion panel with other game design companies. They have been invited to participate in the up coming 2016 Comic Con event and present their latest game projects to both the panel, and audience involved.

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